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How often washing your jeans and how not to ruin them

How often washing your jeans and how not to ruin them

When we find a pair of jeans that we like and that fits us perfectly, we would like it to be always perfect, in shape and color.

But how often do you wash your jeans? If we want to give long life to our denim, we should wash them very little or even never. Let's find out how many times you have to wash your jeans, and how to do it the right way to preserve its color and shape.

Wash them after wearing them 5-6 times
The frequency with which you wash your jeans certainly depends on the elasticity of your model and how often you wear it. Normally you can use them 5-6 times, before washing them, or in any case wash them no more than once or twice a month, obviously in the absence of stains. In fact, even if worn several times, a good pair of jeans should retain its shape. Just keep them in the open air for a day, before storing them in the closet.

Washing tips to preserve their shape and color

When it is time to wash them, there are tips to follow to preserve their shape and color.

First of all, always wash your jeans upside down and in cold water, both by hand and in the washing machine, so they won't fade.

Always wash them with similar colors, as the denim loses color when it drips. Then separate the light and dark clothes.

Another important tip is to always follow the washing instructions on the label and never wash pairs of jeans together again: better not to overload the washing machine if you don't want to ruin your beloved pair of skinny. Once washed, dry your jeans in the open air and do not put them in the dryer: they may retreat.

How to keep jeans clean without washing them?
If you want to limit the washing of your jeans, but you fear the accumulation of germs and bacteria and you want to eliminate bad smells, then there are some tips to follow. You can also clean the jeans by brushing them with a damp sponge or use a brush to remove small stains and sediments that have remained in the denim fibers.

A trick is also to put them in the fridge inside an envelope: the cold will kill bacteria and eliminate odors, also keeping their color. Another tip is to hang your jeans out of the shower: they will absorb the steam that will act on bad smells. In this way you can make infrequent washes, however, wearing clean jeans.

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