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How to clean a down jacket

How to clean a down jacket

How to wash a down jacket without the fear of ruining it.

Take for example the high fashion goose down jackets like Stone Island or Holubar: they are expensive items with an excellent finishing.

But then it comes the dreaded day when you have to wash them. And you wonder how to do it without ruining them.

We've been selling Stone Island and Holubar for 30 years. Do you want to know what is the best way to wash a down jacket?

We will explain what is the best way to keep these high quality garments always new.

Surely one of the best ways to wash garments stuffed with feathers is dry cleaning, so as to leave the natural fat of the feather intact. But of course this is an expensive process and most people tend to do it only once a year.

What do we need to do it?

The dry cleaning procedure involves the preliminary use of a sponge slightly wet in water and a dry shampoo in spray format.

How to wash down jacket with the washing machine.

For the washing' best and brave, for those who are not afraid of our friend the washing machine, you can wash your down jacket with a delicate wash cycle or the "synthetic items" / "cotton" setting at a temperature between 30°C and at most 40°C. In the detergent compartment, you will have to pour a mild, neutral detergent in small doses, in order not to form a lot of foam, and if you want to keep the feather soft, add 2 tennis balls inside so that the feather fat is not worn out.

Always remember: to safeguard goose feathers, avoid bleach and any type of fabric softener


A Practical Advice.

To keep the down jacket always at top shape after washing it is important to dry it well before storing in the closet.

However, we recommend following the instructions on the label of each individual item.

In order to wash your goose down jacket as little as possible it's better to let it air several times during the year.

Washing feathers often is guaranteed to get them ruined by losing their fat (which serves as a thermal insulator).

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