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Washing clothes without a washing machine: the essential guide

Washing clothes without a washing machine: the essential guide
For various reasons it can happen to live without a washing machine: it is not a tragedy, our grandparents did not have it and a large part of the planet does not use it. If you want to avoid becoming addicted to laundromats, just learn how to wash clothes without a washing machine. It is not as difficult and not as tiring as it seems. You just need to know how to do it and organize yourself well. Follow these simple tips.

How to wash clothes by hand

The first rule is : do not accumulate dirty laundry.

If you find yourself with the equivalent of two hand-washing machines, the urge will pass quickly. So every day (in summer) or every two / three (the rest of the year) wash your clothes immediately, little by little.

Since it is washed at low temperatures, the garments can also be washed together. For safety, however, it is good to avoid mixing them and then wash them white with whites, colored with colored, cotton with cotton, sweaters with sweaters, etc. It is also easier to get organized in this way.

What to buy? You just have to buy liquid hand laundry detergent, such as Marseille soap. Use little, last a long time and save!

It's not as tiring as it seems, here's how

The system is simple:

  1. Fill a basin (or sink) with warm water. Colder than hot.
  2. Add some - depending on the amount of clothes - of liquid soap and mix the water in ways that the detergent will dissolve.
  3. Soak your clothes , move them a little.
  4. Rub your clothes a little . If they are not very dirty, honestly it is not necessary, let's face it.
  5. Leave everything to soak for 20 minutes or half an hour. Maybe occasionally turn the clothes over.
  6. At the end remove the dirty water and rinse thoroughly, wringing the clothes.
  7. Spread them well , so that no creases are formed.
  8. Put them to air dry if possible.

Mistakes to avoid when washing without a washing machine

The mistakes to avoid when washing clothes without the washing machine are the same that you could make using the washing machine. That is, mixing different clothes, ruining delicate items, forgetting paper or handkerchiefs in pockets, using unsuitable detergents. The trick is to treat clothes gently, so as not to spoil them.

What if I need to remove a stain?

In case of stains, the procedure is the same as explained above, only you need a stain remover first. There are many on the market, they don't cost much and can always come in handy. Apply the stain remover, leave for the indicated time and then wash the dress as already explained.

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