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Caron Paris

Caron Paris


CARON was born in 1904 between the meeting of two talents, one of the two, Ernest Daltroff is a dreamer of perfumes who creates floral symphonies and fragrant escapes, seeking uniqueness and elegance in each of his new essence, also concentrates on class fragrances perfectly balancing the dosage of natural and synthetic products.
In 1910 Ernest met Madame Felicie Bergaud, an icon of Parisian fashion, who will represent and create the famous “LOOK”, which will make and change the history of the Maison Parfumée.
These luxurious perfumes have been satisfying for years and are the favorite accessory worn by rich and elegant women, who love more than anything else the prestige and quality of Parisian products.In the 1950s, the two great figures at the origin of Caron perfumes leave the scene, but their imprint of style and elegance will remain alive in the work of the successors that develops in the following decades.