As fashion often happens, this is what happened to the MD75 brand! In 2013 two friends with a passion for fashion in particular for knitwear, the contemporary and revolutionary garments with a Northern European taste come together to create this completely new line. Totally designed and produced in Italy, MD75 gives life to avant-garde collections characterized by a Gothic aesthetic with the predominance of the colors of the night in their most varied shades. It is difficult to find bright or bright shades in this brand. MD 75 is based on the concept that the fabrics of the garments worn must become a second skin, a minimalist but at the same time complex design reminiscent of the principles of anatomy.

This gives a new concept of knitwear with a strong aesthetic impact and a modern silhouette: contemporary creations with long and dry shapes with asymmetrical cuts and dropped points that produce an effect reminiscent of the pattern of the human vertebrae. Attention is also drawn to the high quality of the fabrics used in the productions that give life to handmade garments whose details and finishes are treated in detail.

Within a few years the brand has had a great rise in the market of small Italian brands specializing in high-end knitwear and famous all over the world for their craftsmanship. Md 75 regularly presents new collections in the main fashion weeks of Milan and Paris and is present in selected boutiques all over the world.

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