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Maison Tahité

Maison Tahité


Maison Tahité is a high perfumery brand that aims to create luxury perfumes, but at the same time sustainable, that is called sustainable luxury, it is understood as respect, first of all for the environment and for the needs of the consumer: in fact, to create the fragrances they decided to use ecological and recycled products, for example, recycled cardboard, vegetable glue and paper made with almond shells.

The characteristic of the Maison Tahité, in addition to the original and contemporary fragrances, are the bottles made with amber glass to make the style more minimal and inspired by the pharmaceutical universe, so as to have unique and unmistakable packaging. Furthermore, the beauty of Maison Tahité is that every perfume purchased inside will have a plantable card, where a flower will bloom, so as to be able to give a gift to the customer and at the same time a concrete contribution to enhance our planet.