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WRÅD, now famous for his fight to save the environment and for his ideas on how to do it, could not miss this limited edition collaboration with the Italian cars giant FIAT.

We all know the typical 500, a car that has accompanied past generations in Italy and in the world of cinema. WRÅD teams up with Fiat for the launch of an innovative capsule that pays homage to the new car 500, an icon of Made in Italy, together they create a clean and 100% eco-friendly line, with an Italian and technical design.

The characteristic of the garments in this limited edition collection is the gray color obtained with g_pwdr technology, a dyeing process where graphite is recycled rather than throwing it in the rubbish dump, in fact, dyeing with recycled graphite allows first of all to fulfill an ethical function and green, avoiding the trip to a landfill to a mineral that can make land sterile.

WRÅD thanks to this philosophy makes fashion without any side effect for our environment, indeed the planet thanks WRÅD, because with its techniques it is able to recycle and dispose of material that our planet earth alone would not be able to.

But now let's move on to the highlight of the collection, which is that each item of the drop for the car 500 is equipped with a smart label with NFC tag, which allows customers to access verified information on its origin and production process through their smartphone. This technology was made possible thanks to the synergy with the Brescia-based company 1TrueID.

We emphasize that WRÅD has made this collection available to a few partners and one of them is ONYOU.

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