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Alexandre Vauthier

Alexandre Vauthier

ALEXANDRE VAUTHIER has created his own brand with his own name, what characterizes this designer is the radicality of the cuts, the rigor and precision.
ALEXANDRE VAUTHIER joined Thierry Mugler's studio where he discovered clothing architecture and at the same time his talent and style to continue for his fame.
After his 8-year experience as chief designer of the JEAN-PAUL couture collection and after his collaborations in Japan, ALEXANDRE VAUTHIER has more and more the desire to express himself fully in his own style and brand.
Thus he creates the first collection in January 2009.
ALEXANDRE VAUTHIER can be defined as anchored to the French style and culture but also to the Anglo-Saxon influence, all of which is a source of inspiration for the collections we have today, of inestimable value and great taste.